Family Owned + Operated A little about us

The idea for our family bakery started with a vision to follow our hearts and to create something from scratch that we could pour our love into. That vision took us to Stratford, Ontario where we purchased our home and began to outfit what used to be a heritage grocery store in the early 1900s into what has now become our bakery.

We are a husband and wife team, with a little help from our son. Derek, Red Seal chef and head baker, brings a background in fine dining and baking and has worked in a variety of restaurants and establishments throughout his career. His passion for creating fine artisan breads has drawn him into establishing his own style and honing his craft which you can find here at Vann’s.

You’ll find Elissa helping out in the kitchen, adding some creative flair to our recipes or behind the desk, helping customers and managing all things digital. As a registered holistic nutritionist, she has a passion for wholesome, nutritious food that is made with natural ingredients. Because of this background, you’ll find that our bakery places emphasis on sourcing natural, local and organic ingredients that you can place your trust in — and it’s also why we know the importance of offering inclusive options for those with food sensitivities.

We’re so excited to share with you our passion for fine baking. Our hope is that our traditionally made bread finds its place as a staple at your family table, as it has ours.


If there is one thing you should be able to trust, it is the food you eat. Food is fundamental to life and health. We hand select our ingredients from the best sources we can find, with an emphasis on organic, natural and local. We want you to be able to trust the food you take home to your family.

Our fine, artisanal breads are made using traditional methods with the simplest ingredients — only flour, water and salt, utilizing the leavening power of natural fermentation to make flavourful bread that is easier to digest. Additional organic, natural and local ingredients are carefully selected to create unique and delicious flavour combinations.

It is our mission to always provide you with the most nutritious, delicious and freshest bread, mixed in small batches, shaped by hand, and baked daily.